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An Enchanted Garden

The Proposal

Ted and Casey’s happily ever after began with a surprise weekend trip to New Orleans, one of their favorite cities. On November 2, 2017, after a full day of adventures, the sun had begun falling over the skyline. Hazy rays reached across the softened sky, blending into lilac-blush clouds. As the city lights twinkled on around Jackson Square, Ted proposed to Casey in front of the St. Louis Cathedral. What made it even more special – this was the same spot Casey’s parents and Ted’s parents had gotten engaged at as well! Prior to their weekend getaway, Ted had intended on asking Casey’s father for her hand in marriage in a carefully planned, traditionally southern fashion. The moment came, however, in a Waffle House; but the intention and love in Ted’s heart was clear and Casey’s father happily gave him his blessing.

In Preparation

Planning for the future Mr. and Mrs. Siebenman’s wedding day began in October 2019. Since the couple was located in Texas, they entrusted Jamie and Kerrie, co-owners of Girls in Black, to design their special occasion. The couple was able to convey their ideas over the phone, through email, and texts before the initial walkthrough of their venue, the North House. While the excited couple made their way through each of the estate’s lush botanical gardens Casey’s vision of cascading florals and abundant candles became clear. Keeping those details in mind, the Girls in Black created a classically enchanting scheme for the space from the ground up. Their floorplan would follow the property’s natural flow where each garden provides a new experience for guests. Inspiration from other garden weddings and pins of white florals teeming with greenery led to a collaboration with Maitee of Royal Events and Doris Ione. Together, their extensive talents helped bring Casey’s romantic garden dreams to life. The Girls in Black took things a step further by rendering hand drawn watercolor sketches. Doubling as one-of-a-kind keepsakes, the paintings combined real space with proposed elements. In similar fashion, the duo created a comprehensive design presentation showcasing the couple’s vendor options and services. Altogether, the couple and their planners spent just over a year designing their swoon-worthy wedding.

The Big Day

Casey and Ted kicked off their day by getting ready at the Southern Hotel, an artfully restored locale in downtown Covington. To make traveling from their hotel, to the North House, and its adjacent parking site as convenient as possible the couple opted to have shuttles stationed at each location. Doing so also ensured that every guest would take the scenic route passing the nearby ranches’ peacefully rolling hills and livestock. This subtle element highlighted the beautiful country atmosphere in a manner that was equally chic and refined. As Casey and Ted’s family and friends arrived at the Rear Garden for the evening’s cocktail hour they were greeted by classical music, an enticing champagne wall and passed hors-d’oeuvres. An enchanted mirror also awaited guests, prompting them to take photos, sign their names and leave heartfelt notes for the couple. Guests were then guided beyond the Diamond Garden, through starlit foliage, towards the ceremony. White, vintage cross-back chairs made up each row facing the main house, its façade abundantly draped in an array of white roses, hydrangeas, delphiniums and smilax. Matching florals lined the aisle where Casey would soon make her entrance. In the time it took people to take their seats and the music to begin, one thing became unequivocally apparent: that this was a fairytale. At last, Casey and Ted became husband and wife as the sun set before them. Afterwards, specialty his and hers cocktails awaited guests in the Williamsburg Garden, as well as an oyster bar offering raw and chargrilled selections. The next transition brought guests to Bob’s Garden where a band played beneath a clear tent entwined with smilax. Opulent lanterns hung among teeming greenery and florals as an alternative chandelier. Elegant lounge seating and floating candles filled the air with ambient lighting. Every inch of the estate had been masterfully made over, nothing left out or forgotten. At the center of it all, Casey and Ted had their first dance as husband and wife. Nearby, at the entrance of the Star Garden, the couple’s exquisite four-tiered cake awaited them. An arrangement of cascading ivory and blush flowers transformed the garden’s fountain behind them to create an equally stunning backdrop. To end the couple’s magical night, chicken and waffles were served as a way to commemorate the now cherished (and comical) memory of when Ted asked Casey’s father for his permission to marry her.

The Retreat

Casey and Ted’s honeymoon was a breathtaking month-long trip to Africa. Their excursion began in Kenya where they stayed at the House of Waine and visited a giraffe sanctuary. One of their favorite activities while there was a safari where they were able to see elephants and their babies! They ended their adventure in Tanzania on the Island of Zanzibar where they stayed at the Xanadu Luxury Villas.


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